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Which is the best browser for a node red dashboard in fullscreen mode?

Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:13 am


I'm running the latest raspbian stretch on a Pi2, and it works great, and I've recently added the 7" touchscreen.

So far I'm playing around with nodered and made a dashboard that works great with the touchscreen, however the bundled browser (chromium) seems a little slow.

The people behind nodered recommend using firefox-esr for the editor:

https://nodered.org/docs/hardware/raspberrypi (look at 'Using the Editor')

but I already use the editor remotely on a computer with a larger screen.

I was wondering if Firefox is the best choice for the Dashboard based interface also?

I know there is Kweb as well, and I'm not really sure which one to use, ideally I'd like something reliable firstly, and lightweight would be a bonus.

Here's the dashboard node I'm using:


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