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Wifi Access Point

Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:06 am

Hi everyone,

I am trying to start a new "project", but currently stuck with some issues. I want to configure my Pi to act as a wifi access point via an wifi usb dongle while being connected to another wifi network (eduroam, which will also be a challenge, I guess) via another usb dongle. (--> Pi 1B without wifi)

I have tried following this guide: ... t/overview

Would this also be possible for two wifi networks?
I am asking, because I am currently trying this at home with my personal wifi and it seems and if I am not mistaken, I saw an error regarding dhcpd during boot.

If anyone has already done this, I would appreciate any advice! ;)


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Re: Wifi Access Point

Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:07 pm

Comitup will do this out of the box.

With two wifi adapters, it will automatically maintain a hotspot with one, provide a web interface to connect to an upstream Access Point with the other, and set up routing between them.

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Re: Wifi Access Point

Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:05 am

Thanks Dave, cool, I had not found that yet and will have a look at it...

In the meantime I managed to get a bit further, the driver was still missing. While the tutorial said, it was not necessary for kernel versions above 4.4.13-v7, I still had to get the Realtek hostapd for rtl871xdrv.

Btw, is there a way to find out whether certain wifi dongles support being an access point? I have three dongles with different chipsets (all Realtek, it seems though), but I could not yet find any info on what they are capable of.

And one more question: Is it also possible to assign a certain dongle to one of the interfaces? In case only one of them would be capable of providing an access point, for example. For now it seems they are just numbered in the order that I plug them in...

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