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RPI 3 Starter Kit with integrated Display: WHITE SCREEN at Boot of Raspbian issue

Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:40 pm


I bought this : ... y-Set-1-GB
I place the SD card from the kit and it gives the desktop.

1. white
I want now to use raspbian server install (bare bone) from Downloads ( ... _notes.txt) and to use this little Display 320x240. I boot the sd card and nothing, just white screen. visibly hdmi is the default one of the image.
But, I get a white screen ? what to do ?

2. research:
I plug the hdmi to check what it is going on. I install x11-server-utils for xrandr and i check the outplut.
Xrandr shows only HDMI port.

How to set the Rasbian to use the DVI/GPI port display and not the HDMI port as default?

thank you

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