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Font changes with PIXEL desktop

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:29 am
by Peter Ryan
Since upgrading to "Pixel", I notice that some fonts have changed; the terminal says it's using "Monospace 10" as before, but it has changed. Manually selecting DejaVu Sans Mono appears visually to revert it.

There's also been a change to the default "Sans serif" font... I think! It doesn't look the same as before, but I can't find what it was before.

Is there a list of font changes somewhere? And is there a way I can revert the fonts? E.g. the font in the CPU monitor widget isn't the same... and it's bugging me!!! ;)

Re: Font changes with PIXEL desktop

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:52 pm
by Peter Ryan
Okay, so I've got around this (mostly) by creating a ~/.fonts.conf containing:

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  <match target="pattern">
    <test qual="any" name="family">
    <edit name="family" mode="assign">
      <string>DejaVu Sans Mono</string>
For some reason Claws Mail is using a different font for the mail lists, but I've not yet noticed any "Sans" fonts being different anywhere else. Yet! So fro now, I'm just changing prefs in Claws to use Verdana as the Sans font... I _think_ that looks like it did before.

As far as what update caused the change, the only obvious thing I've discovered is new files at /etc/fonts/conf.avail/69-droid-sans-fallback.conf and /etc/fonts/conf.d/69-droid-sans-fallback.conf, but those don't help me know what Sans font was being used before.

Re: Font changes with PIXEL desktop

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:21 pm
by bensimmo
Roboto is still used, apparently nothing has been altered.
But a new engine thingy is used...
From the official release blog on the main page.

Steve Jobs said that one thing he was insistent on about the Macintosh was that its typography was good, and it’s true that using the right fonts makes a big difference. We’ve been using the Roboto font in the desktop for the last couple of years; it’s a nice-looking modern font, and it hasn’t changed for this release. However, we have made it look better in PIXEL by including the Infinality font rendering package. This is a library of tweaks and customisations that optimises how fonts are mapped to pixels on the screen; the effect is quite subtle, but it does give a noticeable improvement in some places.