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Software Keyboard Wedge?

Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:55 am


One of my projects what I am using the Pi3 and Raspbian for at work, requires a software Wedge. This is an application that captures data from serial/usb devices and converts it into keyboard strokes. In the windows world, we would use something like WinWedge.

So far all I have found for Linux is sift wedge.
But it doesn't have any provision for any type of input cleanup, or ignoring special characters. Does anyone know of another such application I could try out?


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Re: Software Keyboard Wedge?

Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:31 am

Sir ,
I so happened to find your question in this forum. I am also looking for a software wedge as you suggested, to start with the collection of data from high accuracy scales. We also use Win Wedge collecting RS232 data. The Pi's are the way to go. At the moment I am trying "Exagear" that can be purchased for nearly nothing. This program is suppose to emulate Windows programs on the Pi. you can get a trial for three days.
We are also programming a Pi to collect data from the same device without the wedge that collects data using a dedicated Pi timer, collecting the data from the scale every .25 sec. I can't believe it works! Testing will take time. Until then we are using the Win Wedge. Hope this helps.

Best regards

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