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Unable to access bluetooth management from XFCE on Raspbian

Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've undertaken a project that seemed fairly simple at first but has grown to be more complicated than I anticipated.

I have been attempting to replace LXDE with XFCE on the full Raspbian Image provided here running on a Raspberry Pi. It boots up just fine and works okay and i've even gotten the gnome network manager to provide me with network control (any form of network GUI is missing on the initial XFCE install). Before removing LXDE I decided to make sure everything was working first. However i ran into a problem with bluetooth.

With the default window manager, the bluetooth applet shows in the taskbar on top and connects to devices just fine. But upon switching to XFCE this applet does not exist (similar to the network manager). I attempted to install blueman but while it lets me see devices, it refuses to let me add my keyboard (the mouse worked after some trying). Back on the default window manager i now have two bluetooth icons ... One the applet that appears to be part of the LXDE panel and the one provided by Blueman. Trying the keyboard again on both results in the LXDE one working just fine and Blueman failing to connect to the keyboard.

In Blueman when you attempt to pair with the keyboard upon reaching the section where you type in the passkey on the keyboard and hit enter ... nothing happens. It then eventually says failed to connect. Trying the other way via the device list shows the keyboard but asks for a code that i do not have.

Does anyone have any idea how i might bluetooth access under XFCE otherwise?

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