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raspbian kodi remote desktop

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:53 pm
by fanescu
Hi! I have an RPi 2 and until some time ago I used OSMC but i install Raspbian on it. All is goot BUT when acces my RPi with xrdp or thightvnc i can't see kodi interface. She appears on TV through HDMI but not on the monitor. Any solutions? Thanks.

Re: raspbian kodi remote desktop

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:42 pm
by Jimbo213Mo
My son [quite the teckie] sent me this "help" answer - I've not quite got it working yet:

Dad, I configured 2 different methods to access the raspberry remotely:
1) from inside your home network [eg: you are sitting on your couch]
2) from outside using the internet

1) Using x11vnc bound to display :0 (which is to say, the "main" one) .. you can get to this with any VNC viewer, for windows I'd recommend tightvnc : .. just connect to pi:5900 (or select display 0, depends on how the client). I configured this one to start automatically (via ~/.config/autostart/x11vnc.desktop) .. it will start itself at every reboot, and run quietly in the background. The password is the same as the "pi" user.

2) To get to this one remotely (as in not from your house), the easiest way is to connect via SSH and enable a port forward .. eg : "ssh -p 404 -L 5900:localhost:5900 [email protected]" and then use "localhost:5900" for your VNC connection (the extra arguments to the ssh command create a tunnel from the remote PC on port 5900 to the raspberry pi's local interface).

Kodi uses a different framebuffer (dispmanx) than the normal one, and it requires a funky vnc server .. I compiled this one but I didn't create init scripts .. you can run it manually by doing "sudo ./dispmanx_vnc/dispmanx_vncserver -p 5901" .. which will start it (bound to the shell) on port 5901 .. you can then connect to it at pi:5901 (or select display 1 in the vnc client) and remotely by changing the arguments to the ssh command above to 5901. The performance will suck if you are doing any visualizations at the time (eg: playing video, or animations that play while doing audio) but it's easier than thumbing away at the screen, particularly for typing long commands.

Using the "dispmax" vnc server is handy for setting up Kodi, so you don't have to type long commands into the touchscreen, or so you can fiddle with it from the couch. Note that copy/paste doesn't work for VNC .. it's literally a remote keyboard. In this case, you'd just SSH into the pi, run the server, and then connect to it in another window (the terminal will scroll a bunch of stuff as you do, it's fine) .. if you want to actually USE the terminal concurrent with the dispmax_vncserver you can start it in the background by doing "sudo ~/dispmax_vnc/dispmax_vncserver -p 5901 &" (add the ampersand to the command) .. this runs it in the background and you can then do stuff in the window (although the process will die when you log out or close the window) .. you can return that process to the foreground with the command "fg" (for "foreground") and then kill it with control+c like any other script.

You will be doing all of your customizations for the UI inside Kodi .. forget that you're doing anything with a raspberry since it's all the same and just google "whatever you are trying to do +kodi" and somebody will have a how-to.

For example .. to add that NPR station (which is a standard .m3u playlist) : ... s-to-kodi/

There are tons of other audio options btw .. Pandora, Shoutcast, etc.

How to make the weather the "home" page : ... home-page/

Best Kodi skins for touchscreens : <---- this is what I chose to use Jimbo213Mo ... pberry-pi/

How to auto-start Kodi at each boot :

(don't do that last step until you have everything working as you wish).

You can control Kodi from your phone .. grab the remote from the Google Play store (it's free) : ... kore&hl=en

Have fun ... [son's name]


So fanescu, if you get all of this to work, you're better than me - and maybe I can learn from you.

Re: raspbian kodi remote desktop

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:08 pm
Hi Jimbo213Mo,

can you write a little how-to, how I can connect to my kodi via vnc?


Re: raspbian kodi remote desktop

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:03 pm
by Jimbo213Mo
[haha I wonder if this was your mother's name for you as a teenager :lol: ]

Sorry but I've moved on to other projects and never worked on this.
HOWEVER I do trust my son's post so Give-it-a-try.
Best wishes for a joyous Christmas Season.

Re: raspbian kodi remote desktop

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:17 pm
by klricks
Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:08 pm
Hi Jimbo213Mo,

can you write a little how-to, how I can connect to my kodi via vnc?

I would forget about Kodi over VNC. It will be terribly slow and there will be no audio at all.