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Universality of card image for 2012 B -> 2016 Pi3?

Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:50 pm

Hi, I run Cotswold Raspberry Jam and we do tutorials. We have a fleet of mostly B+ machines and I duplicate a bunch of Micro SD cards for each.

Our fleet of tutorial machines has recently expanded to include donated old B rev 2 machines (single core, 2 USB ports, 512MB RAM), a couple of Pi 2 Bs and a Pi 3 B (if you count the ones from my personal collection that I loan out for the day!). The goal is to get as many children as possible doing the tutorials.

Is there anything I need to watch out for when creating a single Raspbian image that I need to be suitable for all four of these machine types?

Obviously I'm going to test them myself, but a heads-up on anything to look out for would be much appreciated.

In particular, what should I look out for in the /boot partition that might make an image suitable only for one machine type and unsuitable for another please? Sample config.txt lines would be very helpful. For example I need to check that the clock speed is set to be suitable for anything from a B1r1.2 to a B3 (can this be done without underclocking the 3?).

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Re: Universality of card image for 2012 B -> 2016 Pi3?

Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:03 pm

just start with the latest jessie and that will work with all previews ones
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