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Imageviewer / slideshow

Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:12 am

I'm asking to see if there is a image-viewer in any repos, that meets my requirements.

My plan is to use udev, to detect memcards/thumbdrives and launch a script to fire off an imageviewer to do a slideshow with the pictures found on the drive/memcard.

I'm thinking of writing a bash/python-script to act as a controller for the imageviewer.

The imageviewer need to have the following functionality ..
- able to start in fullscreen
- navigate using both mousebuttons. i.e leftclick=next picture and rightclick=previous picture.
- other than the above, no need for keyboard/mouse controls.
- be lightweight and fast (in Raspberry PI terms)

Anyone know something that would meet my demands?

br, andreas

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