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Wheezy to Jessie (and systemd)

Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:40 pm

SO I have a couple Pi2s that I'm using and one I added a 64GB SSD to (which makes the Pi really quite sweet) and playing with

I was trying to compile Atom ( a pretty decent programming editor from the GitHub people. It's basically a big node.js app, with lots of complicated moving parts to compile from source. In the process of doing so I came across a chunk of stuff that needed "jessie" instead of "wheezy" and I did a "apt-get dist-upgrade" to "jessie".

It ran well for a couple of reboot cycles. then, something truly evil happened with PID 1 (systemd), where it was consuming about 75% of the CPU(s) cycles, causing the zippy Pi2 to slow worse than the original Model B... unable to login via ssh (it timed out repeatedly).. had to hook up my Atrix Lapdock and it took about 4 minutes just to login to the window system. I watched with Top as the PID 1 (normally a very well behaved process) just consumed cycles. I tried to do a
journalctl command to see what was going on, but nothing interesting there.

I was running netatalk (I use lots of Mac stuff around here). And I had just installed a service app (gogs) that was using initd to launch, And ignorant of the initd -> systemd changes I had just done with the wheezy to jessie dist-upgrade,

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sudo update-rc.d initgogs defaults
and rebooting thinking things would come right back up.. and no. PID 1 hell, and very slow Pi.

So I basically, and without a lot of forensics, did a clean re-install of wheezy thru NOOBS and trashed the broken jessie image I was working with. all without getting Atom ported.

I guess I am wondering when the change from wheezy to jessie happens, will this initd to systemd crossover make many of the helpful recipes around the web for doing things on the Pi get actively damaging? And I am placing this note here, not looking for too much response, but to record the experience. (and this is why Jessie is still unstable)

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