XFCE in kiosk mode on Raspbian wheezy

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by charles2007 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:26 pm
I have cobbled together several ancient PCs to run as kiosks via a limited user login using XFCE on Ubuntu Linux (12.04) and am about to trial the same method using Debian Wheezy (currently Wheezy is beta) using its XFCE iso and I am planning to try the same thing with Raspbian with an XFCE desktop... BUT if you power users tell me XFCE plus Raspbian Wheezy is going to overwhelm the device, I won't go down that road. Especially since it would be Linux plus XFCE plus either Firefox or Chromium (this combo can be extremely locked down on a workstation).

The objective is a more-or-less unattended station on a plain vanilla network and the station is highly restricted in what it can do and hard for teenagers to hack. XFCE makes heavy use of XML that can be edited without a lot of pain. I've put a HOWTO under my user name charles-2007 on the XFCE forum for XFCE 4.8. I'm going to update this with Chrome/Chromium soon as it is way easier.

If this works -- all I've got to worry about is the teenagers walking off with the RPi !

Best wishes.
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by Spid » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:45 pm
I run a Kiosk Mode from the Command Line using Matchbox, I have undertaken a basic install of Midori Browser using Arch Linux Arm aka alarmpi:


It needs more configuration, but at present it is running in single session, nothing saved....

The reason for choosing alarmpi is because it was developed as a Command Line Distro, but does include the networking basics..

Also found these projects:

http://www.niteoweb.com/blog/raspberry- ... to-browser

https://github.com/MobilityLab/TransitS ... spberry-Pi

http://www.keytosmart.com/raspberry-pi- ... -dashboard
I will always assume you are running Raspbian for desktop and Raspbmc for XMBC !
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by charles2007 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:48 pm
Thanks for the references. Arch looks useful. Though I would really like to know if XFCE is really stable on Raspian and/or fast enough. I am manipulating Wheezy on x386 with xfce today with some success. The objective is an OPAC station.
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