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The MI0283QT2 is a cheap 320x240 TFT display, sold with an touchscreen for use with the Arduino here: http://www.watterott.com/index.php?page ... &info=1627


I've managed to get X running with two main issues:
-The screen space is to small for vanilla desktop. The fonts are set to an unreadable small size by default and icons are extremely large. In the old days of Amiga computers applications of all kind worked well with 320x200...
-The SPI interface is quite slow, so we get about 10fps for small updates and even less for fullscreen updates. This is sufficient for GUI use, ok for browsing but unusable for playing movies and games.

My driver is based on work of Dominique Gallot, and can be obtained here: https://github.com/dronus/MI0283QT2-pi

The driver does an asynchronous on-demand copy of the ARMs framebuffer to the display, so GPU and HDMI are still usable, however the resolution is limited to the display's native 320x240.

The touchscreen is not supported for now, I'm on it.

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