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Intenso Viddy as organ donor?

Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:31 pm


While waiting for the delivery of my first Pi, I stumbled over this gadget: Intenso Viddy video messenger (a geeky replacement for post it notes on fridges):

It sells for about 13 EUR (!!) in Germany currently , and I wonder whether it could be any use in RaspPi DIY projects.

It has :
- a video camera,
- a microphone
- a 2.8" video display,
- rechargeable battery,
- RAM and video encoder/decoder
- USB port
- magnetic back plate (fridge magnet style)

and if one could manage to reuse several of those parts, I think it would be cheaper than ordering those parts separately....provided those parts are standard enough to somehow get them connected to and controlled by the RaspPi. And it would be fun of course.

Any ideas? Prior experiences with organ transplants like this? I should get one of those on Tuesday and I can then try to take it apart and take pictures of the stuff, if this is considered worthwhile at all.


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