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Python Keyring under Raspbian

Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:59 am

I use Raspbian and installed keyring for Python.

On first use I set a username and password for an account I use using keyring.set_password and on exit from Python I was asked to set a password for the default system keyring.

I entered a password, but it is different from my pi login password.

Therefore when I run my Python program that used the keyring to retrieve the needed password it prompts for the system default password. Now this Python program is designed to be run under cron - I won't be around to enter the system keyring password!

I don't know how to change this system keyring password or where it lives so I can just delete it. The only references I can find refer to gnome2 keyring, but that isn't it.

Anyone know how I can resolve this?

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