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Re: DDoS

Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:57 pm

Warning - Jim Manley-length post coming up!

I get a similar set of unsolicited emails to Eben's, and sadly, most of them aren't appropriate for kicking over here; there's a lot of "Where is my Raspi, which I ordered last week?" (usually omitting the sender's real name or the name of the company they ordered from), and a lot of "please visit my office/school/factory". There's lots of "please link to my website" (quite a lot of those come without the "please", and the websites usually have nothing at all to do with Raspberry Pi, let alone computing or electronics), as well as a lot of "we think there is a valuable opportunity to work with you on <insert very borderline idea here>" stuff. Also lots of "Look at this thing I have made! You should sell it for me." And lots of "We are setting up a conference which is hellishly expensive to attend, which has no confirmed speakers, no venue yet, and we have no firm idea of audience numbers. You should attend."

And there's lots of "I will write a guest post for you on <entirely unrelated subject>." Usually followed by a stream of "Why have you not replied to my email about writing a guest post for you on <entirely unrelated subject>?" ones. Oh - and there are plenty from total strangers who want to be forum mods.

We respond positively to a very few of these, but we do have to read them all because there's always some gold among the dross. We never respond positively to "I want to write a guest post"; if someone writes a guest post here, it's because I've found out about something interesting they're doing (sometimes because they've mailed me about it - and I love and encourage the mails about interesting stuff you're doing) and have chased them down and asked them to; and we don't attend conferences if we have to pay to do so (we usually go because we've been invited to speak or because someone has kindly offered us a free booth), although that may change in the future when royalties start coming in. If you *ask* to be a mod, it's a sure-fire way never to be considered for the role in the future.

When people do email a troubleshooting/suggestion/project idea, we do point them in the forums' direction.

While I am thinking about the categories these things fall under, I should add "We think you should hire our consultancy to do X". We get loads of those. And at least ten "Where can I buy?" mails a day. Most days, we also get few nice "thank you for being good people" ones, which are a really lovely point in my day; and a few "you are all bastards and I hope you die" ones, which balance the nice ones out. I have had at least one "You should sack this mod" email for each mod.

Every time we appear in the news, a million people email us about it (which is actually pretty useful, because with the best will in the world, we do still miss some things). And we still get loads asking questions which are very easy to find the answers to on the FAQ; as I make very clear on the contacts page, I don't reply to those. And spamming all the addresses on the contacts page at once is a surefire way to get your mail instabinned.

And then my Mum sometimes mails me pictures of LOLcats.
Director of Communications, Raspberry Pi

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Re: DDoS

Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:04 pm

Sadly the amount of c***p seems to have a direct correlation to the level of your profile; we have more than enough so I can't bear to visualise what you have! Certainly the more high-profile you are, the more likely it is that people feel the need to attack you.

Just to cheer you up, (very uninformative) pics of my kitten and his foster brother & foster mum. Born just over 48 hours ago, Mum had zero interest so after 24 hours of tube feeding, he is being fostered by an accommodating Birman girl. He is a black Oriental black classic (or spotted) tabby. ImageImage

I hope these links work - hoping to get more pics soon.


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Jim Manley
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Re: DDoS

Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:56 pm

liz wrote:Warning - Jim Manley-length post coming up!
OMG, I'm now a Liz adjective! :D

Well, I guess it's better than becoming a plain noun ("Yeah, he pulled a real Manley.") or, worse yet, a verb ("Whatever you do, just don't Manley it up!"). ;)

Then again, someone please just shoot me if I succumb to just becoming a dangling participle :lol:

Speaking of being overwhelmed, I made the mistake of looking into what STEM teachers have to teach these days, with the thought of perhaps assisting in teaching some subject matter along with Pi fundamentals to disadvantaged kids in local schools as a volunteer. I couldn't believe how much math I haven't used in the 40 years since I took it as an advanced placement math and science student in high school. I need to find the differential of a term containing a cosecant ... in the denominator? Ummm, what the heck is a cosecant again??? Talk about a humbling experience - it really is true - "Use it, or lose it."!

We now return you to your life, already in progress :D
The best things in life aren't things ... but, a Pi comes pretty darned close! :D
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -- W.B. Yeats
In theory, theory & practice are the same - in practice, they aren't!!!

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Re: DDoS

Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:09 am

Jim Manley wrote:...Ummm, what the heck is a cosecant again??? ...
It's a croissant made with not-enough butter.
I sometimes ride my Pi to the Forum.

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Re: DDoS

Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:13 am

Jim Manley wrote:I need to find the differential of a term containing a cosecant ... in the denominator? Ummm, what the heck is a cosecant again??? Talk about a humbling experience - it really is true - "Use it, or lose it."!
But nowadays we have the internet, which wasn't around when I was in school, which makes it much easier to bluff :) :D

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