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Blueooth : Device sucessfully added but failed to connect

Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:58 am

I'm running Wheezy, fully updated with installed Bluez and IOGear GBU521 bluetooth adapter which according to the wiki is a known working device.

From the Wheezy GUI I can scan for devices, find them, pair, set as trusted but on trying to connect ( Jam2 bluetooth speaker and HTC One ) I get the message "Device successfully added but failed to connect"

I don't seem to have many options give its paired, trusted and bluetooth appears to be working.

Any suggestions ?

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Re: Blueooth : Device sucessfully added but failed to connec

Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:43 pm

It sounds like you're using Blueman, the GUI Bluetooth manager. I don't have experience with that, but others have reported that you need to be a member of the 'lp' group to use it. Try (in a terminal)

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sudo adduser pi lp
(replace 'pi' with your user name)

Reboot (I believe this is not optional).

If it's still not working, you may have to poke around in dmesg to see the error detail. Hcidump is also a handy tool for Bluetooth 'sniffing'. 'hciconfig hci0 -a' will show information about your adapter, but since you're successfully scanning and pairing, I wouldn't expect problems there.

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