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Re: BBC Newsnight: Year of code (train wreck)

Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:49 am

I think jamesh nearly hit the nail on the head for me.
Teaching coding/programming (which ever you want to use) is about teaching how the general use software is made and getting an idea of the concepts. Not everyone will want to pursue it as either a hobby or career, but without its taught/shown how would anyone know if its for them.
Cooking is a great example, the resulting food is marked on functionality (taste) and appearances, but the end result only takes up a small part of the lesson. Its about the technique and methods used which count and the more basic the ingredients (ie making a white sauce instead of premade bottle of sauce) the higher the grade.
Yet I(C)T in the UK is currently all about using a pre-made software. It's like buying a ready meal, microwaving it and calling it cooking. Sure there is some skill and cooking involved, but its only touching the surface of what's possible.

I've not watched the interview yet (I will get around to it), but from what I've read it sounds like the Year of Code representative went it well under prepared and made a fool of themselves.

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