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Raspberry Pi proxy and firewall

Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:26 pm

Hello, I work in a school and have purchased some Raspis for the school however we are having massive issues with proxy settings or our school firewall. My IT department will support me but they are not familiar with Linux and really I'm going to have to direct them if I want to get this fixed.

In the /etc/environment file I have added
export http_proxy=school.proxy:8080
export https_proxy=school.proxy:8080

In /etc/apt/apt.config.d I created a file called 10proxy and added
Acquire::http::Proxy= "http://school.proxy:8080"

Running: env from terminal seems to show proxy info in correctly.

Running wget -O /dev/nul which someone on irc told me to try, seems to run ok and gives a positive response! I don't know what it shows, but it clearly shows it has hit google OK and confirms an internet connection.

I can of course browse the internet no problem with proxys set in midori browser.

The issues are:
1. I can run sudo apt-get update and the repositories are updated correctly but when I try and run sudo apt-get upgrade, I get forbidden error 403 when it tries to download from every repo.

2. I have spent hours and hours building an airpi weather station and editing the code at home which has actually been a fun project. It runs perfectly from home but when I try and upload the data recorded by the pi to xively, it fails as though the website is blocked. The API info for xively is here:
And the code/script I'm running which is trying to upload data from the pi to xively is here: ... /
As I said hours of coding and effort has gone into this (I've also adapted the code for the kids to use it more effectively) more importantly, I've spent money so need to get it working.

I appreciate these are two issues that will take a bit of looking into to help me, but I'd appreciate someone's time and effort! If you could tell me what needs opening on the firewall and I'm sure IT will support me, test it and sort it from there!

Once again, massive thanks to anyone that helps.

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Re: Raspberry Pi proxy and firewall

Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:13 pm

I know they say patience is a virtue but I'd really appreciate some help as I need to get this working for school .. Any thoughts or suggestions would be really helpful as I'm at a total dead end..,

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Re: Raspberry Pi proxy and firewall

Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:49 pm

Have you tried this:

sudo http_proxy='' apt-get install package-name
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