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Re: Newark charged me $50 and won't ship mine until June 18t

Thu May 31, 2012 12:17 pm

I had what I thought was the same incorrect charge from Newark for my Pi. :o When checking my credit card online, I saw a charge for $50.75. This was a US order shipping to the US.

I called Newark to discuss it with them and actually found someone who was knowledgeable. I explained that the committed pricing was $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping plus any applicable sales tax. I expected a charge on the order of $43.00. After about 30 seconds on hold, the representative came back and explained it simply. The $50.75 was a pre-authorization before shipment and, on shipment, the actual shipping and sales tax would be calculated and the correct charge would be submitted for processing. Looking at my order page, it showed an estimated ship date of 18-June.

Guess what! :D My Pi has shipped and the shipping invoice shows an actual charge of $42.61... $35.00 pi + $5.00 shipping + $2.61 tax. Seems the representative was right.

I understand the concern of seeing an "incorrect" charge on an online credit card statement, but this charge should be listed as a "pending" or "authorization" until the actual charge is processed. This matches how the self service gasoline pumps generally work. I will see a charge of anywhere from $1.00 to $75.00 listed for a gas station until the actual charge is processed.

Good luck everyone!

My Pi arrives tomorrow! Yea!

BTW, I ordered on 29-Feb and had an updated ship date of 18-June according to my last email from Newark/Element-14. Seems they are now ahead of schedule! :P

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