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Re: Total power required to charge a battery

Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:43 am

I realize this device is not intended to be used (as of yet) in an off-grid location but it's low power load made me wonder if it would be more efficient than a netbook. The advantages of the R-PI would be full size display, keyboard and mouse.

If it's expected to draw 1W at full load (not counting the monitor) and the most efficient LCD I’ve found peaks at 14W. This uses .15 kwH (calculating 10 hours of use)

Most netbooks boast a 10 hour battery life and cost roughly $300. The Raspberry Pi + LCD monitor would run you about 200-250.

A standard 6 cell netbook battery has a capacity of 4400 maH but what I’m unable to calculate is the total power consumption used to fully charge this battery as I know charging rate differs from consumption.

If the total load drawn the the R-PI+LCD is less than the load required to fully charge a netbook battery it would be more efficient in a permanent off-grid location such as a weekend cabin.

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