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Re: Farnell delivers the goods ...

Thu May 03, 2012 1:24 pm

I am today the luck recipient of my Pi so there should be a few thousand more out in the wild and operational by this weekend.

Minor false start with the random no-name power cable that meant the Pi's internal USB wasn't being fed properly, swapped it for a Samsung phone lead and all is good. The lights tell you much, as does the boot log.

Have surfed, have compiled, have run the hello_pi demos, have gasps of awe and amazement in the office at the video & the triangle demo and general comments 'tiny fingernails' style on it's compact form.

I'll have to find a better keyboard or keyboard map as I'm sans a \ key at present but that's part of the adventure.

Well done all at the Foundation and thank you for all your efforts thus far.

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