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installation issues

Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:32 pm

Raspberry pi model b revision 2.0 512MB :evil:


1) bough a 16 GB sandisk sdcard
2) the card was formated
3) installed
4) connected to the monitor
5) connected to USB
6) the NOOBS displays the menu
7) connect the usb and mouse keyboard
8) hear a pop
9) now the sandisk card is dead

I can not format the card (which tells me that is possible that the card is dead) before to buy another (and the the rasberry pi blow the card ) is anything I need to check off?

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Re: installation issues

Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:20 am

cailtin wrote:8) hear a pop
That is very worrying! It sounds like something overloaded somewhere :(

Is there any sign of overheating or damage on the SD card or on the Pi? Dark marks, deformed parts etc. Look very carefully! Especially look at F3 and D17 on the underside of the Pi near the power connector.

What power supply did you use (make/model/voltage V /current mA or A)?

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Re: installation issues

Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:26 am

EEP! Pop's are not good.

Okay, so from here on it's a process of elimination.
Try and get another SD card from a camera or somewhere and go through the same procedure again, but have the keyboard and mouse connected to the Pi before you turn on the power.

I also strongly suggest you get a volt meter on it and do the tests here; ... r_problems

Also, so can you not format the SD card in Windows or anything?

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