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Re: element14 payement safety to

Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:08 pm

I agree PayPal is a no-brainer, for an online merchant.

For some small merchants it's a great primary means of accepting credit cards.

I looked at a couple of our PayPal transactions and they look like our average cost is 2.7%, our merchant card is around 2% so....it's minimal if you are going to lose a sale for not accepting it. Of course Farnell/Newark and RS are not your aveage online merchant.

We recently dealt with a PayPal "chargeback" and I was impressed with the way they handled it. The customer disputed the charge with their credit card company. PayPal basically handled all of the chargeback paperwork and because we provided them everything they requested and followed all the rules. It didn't cost us a penny. They did put a hold on the money for a few weeks. I have heard tons of PayPal horror stories and was a little scared when this situation arose.

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Re: element14 payement safety to

Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:18 pm

jbanks6424 said:

Of course Farnell/Newark and RS are not your aveage online merchant.
Indeed, my understanding is they are primerally buisness to buisness suppliers and their primary method of doing buisness is through credit accounts (e.g. you order the goods, they ship them and invoice you, you make a bank transfer to pay off your invoices from them). They take credit cards so they can deal with those who can't/won't set up credit accounts with them.

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Re: element14 payement safety to

Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:41 pm

john_wage said:

The minuscule transaction fees that PayPal takes is easily accounted for by the increased number of customers they would get,

Miniscule! I don't call three times the charge that a normal Credit Card processing company makes miniscule. We are in the UK we can get Credit Card transactions processed for 1.3% Whilst IIRC Paypal charge us nearly 3% on UK transactions and 4% for non UK payments. If you are selling something with less than 10% gross margin the difference is massive!

Also PayPal tends to side with the card holder and when the card holder tries to pull a fast one they offer no support to the retailer even when fraud is involved e.g. Returning a brick rather than the laptop sent and then demanding a refund.

Back to original question, First no one on line will EVER legitimately ask for your PIN, but the CV2 is required be every Credit Card processing company that I've ever had dealings with.

Our order system is not secure (HTTPS) but when you check out the process goes to a secure (HTTPS) site. I've not heard of that section being on the banks website.

Many systems now use 'Verified by Visa' or Mastercards equivelent (I forget the name) the card number, expiry date & CV2 number are entered on the retailers site and then as added security an extra level is added. I actually think it is actually less secure in a number of ways and is a real pain in the posterior for the user!

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Re: element14 payement safety to

Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:26 pm

I work as a fraud investigator for a very large credit card company. You have absolutely no reason to concern yourself with fraud if you've correctly used your credit card to purchase a Pi from any of the websites mentioned above. Giving them the CV2 is perfectly normal. The worst case scenario is that you have to call up your credit card company, inform them of the fraud and wait for a card replacement whilst they refund all the fraudulent charges back to your account.

At the company I work for we normally refund all the charges within 48 hours of the fraud being reported. Most of the time, it's US informing the customer of the fraud before they're even aware of it themselves!

Of course, if you use a debit card you don't have quite the same fraud benefits as a credit card… in the UK at least anyway.

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Re: element14 payement safety to

Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:48 am

Credit card processing is always performed through HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) connections and if you don"t see "https" at the beginning of the URL in the address bar in the browser, run, do not walk, away from the site immediately. HTTPS connections are encrypted so the credit card data is protected in transit to the merchant processor. The page you enter the credit card data in is actually submitted to the merchant processor site, not the merchant"s, so the merchant never receives even the encrypted card data.

The merchant processor server then forwards a URL to the merchant that references an encoded transaction number, whether the transaction was approved, and sometimes some other administrative data (via HTTPS POST behind-the-scenes so it"s not even in the URL). The merchant then serves an encrypted charge results page to the customer that includes the transaction reference number, the amount charged, the approval status, and usually data associated with the order.

It"s actually a much lower-risk process than giving your card to someone who takes it out-of-sight to submit a charge (e.g., at a restaurant), and even point-of-sale terminals (which have been subverted/hacked even in some national-level chain stores at the store/back-office level). We just saw that a merchant processor has been subverted in New York, apparently via cards handled at parking garages, resulting in ~1.5 million accounts being compromised.

As one other commenter here said, you can always call the merchant and provide the same data, which is just typed into exactly the same kind of merchant-processor-submitted web page of which you"re afraid. Your call.
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Re: element14 payement safety to

Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:45 am

If you are concerned, why not purchase a prepaid credit card, that way once you've used the credits up, it won't matter who knows the CCV number.

The only time I've found online businesses refer you to a bank portal are those that are very small and use either their banks e-commerce portal or a third party provider such as WorldPay (RBS).

eomer said:

well, i resend my question.

where can i found a merchant who can sell rapsberry pi with real payement security.?

On a clear disk one can seek forever

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