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My story about Farnell warranty

Fri May 17, 2013 9:09 pm

My Pi was broken, not the whole pi but the ethernet part.
It was one of the first pi's, ordered in the UK, shipped to Belgium.

I contacted the Belgium distributor, but they said I should contact the UK distributor.
Very kind people and quick responses.
They sent UPS to pick up my raspberry pi for free :mrgreen:
After a while I received a credit bill by mail.

I didn't understand what's going on.
Checked my bank account and saw a credit card transaction...
After comparing my other tansactions, this was a refund of the raspberry pi. I didn't know it was possible to receive money by credit card.

I contacted Farnell why I received a refund, and not a replacement.
This was because the old model B isn't available anymore, okay it makes sense so I can live with that.

In Belgium, ordering the Pi by the Farnell reseller is very expensive, compared to ordering a Pi by RS components.
So thank you for the refund Farnell, Now I'm going to buy one at RS because it's almost the same price as the refund. The price difference is about € 10 :o

I gave feedback to Farnell, and said thanks for the great support. I'm dissapointed no replacement has been sent. RS is a lot cheaper, so I'm forced to buy a replacement there. I did the suggestion to check the Belgium price, because the difference is too big.

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