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Re: New RS Email - Compliance?

Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:26 pm

hamjudo said:


No... just the whole thing no.  I'm not trying to be rude but your assumptions are so far out of line with what's going on that I'm tempted to delete your post out of fear that someone might actually believe any of this.

While it's true that the jacks were missing the dc isolation because the magnetics were missing the larger issue is that they also provide noise filtering and without it the network jacks would not work.  This is why they were sent back.

The compliance testing was not forced because of this mixup however.  Some smart lawyers looks at the R-pi and decided that it fit the criteria for not needing the CE stamp, however due to the immense demand of the boards the distributors' lawyers were worried someone would cry foul.  This is understandable and while it's really annoying, I can't fault them for covering their backs in this over litigious society we live in.

I know you said it was pure speculation, but it's speculation that flies against the facts that have been clearly presented by the RPF.

Respectfully, I'm closing this thread as it's really encouraging a lot of misinformation and a bit of excessive negative attention.  I know it's frustrating and I know we *all* want more information, but the fact is we have the information we have and getting our knickers in a twist isn't helping anything.  As the RPF gets information and is able to release it they will do so.
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