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Re: A 5$ 1.5

Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:31 pm

I tried several times to get this working (pearl DPF @ Raspberry PI) but all of the howtos are not working/ have errors in the steps and so on. Can somebody post a real working one or can upload a working image somewhere?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: A 5$ 1.5

Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:54 am

There's duplication of thread: ... =64&t=6688,8553 has some of the firmware. But a major upgrade is coming soon.

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Re: A 5$ 1.5

Sun May 25, 2014 5:39 am

guidol wrote:
cougarten wrote:Quote from magnitux on August 22, 2011, 16:58
this lcd 2.4 screen is compatible with lcd4linux on debian(seagate dockstart)
good german tutorial on this (also how to buy):
Today I took this tutorial above and did go through it with a Raspberry Pi under Raspbian Wheezy.
After installing some replacement-packages, I could compile lcd4linux with dpf support on the Raspberry.
I patched the Display firmware with the windows-tool from ... ost1032264
The display-Firmware-Package (Portrait and Landscape) is at ...

Perhaps, the actual lcd4linux-version via 'apt-get install lcd4linux' is already supporting the DPF-Display?
But the Homepage of LCD4Linux states about that:
To build this driver you need libdpf. But it isn't online at this moment.

Here is a blog about what I did in german: ... an-wheezy/

And here are 2 pictures for you from the display and my Raspberry :)

The command-lines I did use:

Code: Select all

apt-get install libtool automake1.10 autoconf zlib1g-dev libssl-dev python-dev libc6 libusb-dev libibus-1.0-dev subversion libgd2-noxpm-dev libgd2-noxpm –fix-missing
(apt-get install sdcc-libraries)
apt-get install cc1111
tar -xvzf dpfhack-0.1alpha.tgz
cd dpf/src
cd ..
tar -xvzf dpf-lcd4linux.tgz
cd dpf
./ ../src/dpflib/
cd lcd4linux
make install


i have a hacked st2205u based picture frame. It was working with my desktop ubuntu machine.

i have followed the tutorials ... an-wheezy/

and for me it's not working with my RPI.

when i start lcd4linux, i am getting

Code: Select all

drv_init(st2205u) failed: no such driver
but from phack, i can able to send text directly to picture frame. Or if i run st2205uterm simply, i am getting console screen on my picture frame.

please anyone help me to get it work with lcd4linux

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