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Re: Using Pi for Head Mounted Display Exhibition Project

Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:03 pm

Hi, I got quite interested in Raspberry Pi, as for an exhibition project I'm trying to find out if a mini-computer and respective programming can help me to stream feeding a Virtual Reality Head Mount Display (HMD) with position tracking with the according movie frames from a connected HD. Basically the movie scenery to watch through the HMD is pre-produced rendered video from all point of views that represent a feasible degree of freedom of positioning, e.g. spectator head turns, rotation, move body etc.

I'm not capable with electro tech and coding by myself, though very interested and playing with it occasionally.

I'm posting here to get in contact with someone who is capable to tell me if and how this would work, and possibly to work out a prototype with me.

I'm occasionally participating in developing / operating exhibitions. So far one panorama exhibition about the first climbing of Mount Everest in the city of Leipzig / Germany in 2002, and another panorama exhibition about The Ancient Rome in Rome / Italy in 2005.

I'm planning to this project for necessary funds.

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