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Pi & G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE External Hard Drive

Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:12 am

I want to build a lo-cost server and want to use twin G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE Professional External Hard Drives with the Pi as server running gphoto2, openswan and samba to stream and store jpeg files from a time lapse camera.
Does anyone have any experience with the pi using usb3 and these drives?

The reason I want this drive is that I already have several of them connected to my macs and I'm very happy with the way they perform.

I plan to process 1 Gb of data per day from the camera which is controlled by a remote pi using openswan and samba. This streams to the Pi server here at the office. I hope to eventually have 10 cameras streaming to the server and a rack of hard drives. It needs to be a fairly large set up as I get a lot of data as the cameras run 24hrs per day.

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Re: Pi & G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE External Hard Drive

Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:35 pm

Hi bugloss,

Were you able to connect your 4tb hdd to Pie??
I'm planning to do something similar for my seagate 4tb hdd.

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