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Re: What can I do with this little this little thing....

Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:43 pm


I work for ISP, I manage hundreds of devices across UK. I'm planning to use RPi for out of band management on sites. Main purpose would be to run iperf server on each, use one of the USB as a Cisco console output (if I find suitable USB-RS232 converter), run minicom and if possible use any WORKING 3G dongle - my company have own 3G access via 3UK network so I can set all up in the way that all devices are automagically in my management network... On top of that I would like to introduce this little PC as a tool for mobile Engineers - sometimes I need to use remote console on Customer CPE, Engineers have a nice feature - they do not like laptops as they are large and rather "soft". As a part of remote access I can use TeamViewer or any type of VNC/SSH that gives me remote access.

Due to the price of single unit I think I can say it is possible for me to deploy RPi on every PoP site I manage. I would like to share my ideas with people doing similar things. So your turn guys, speak up


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Re: What can I do with this little this little thing....

Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:09 pm

1. run sshd on one to act as a secure gateway onto my home network

2. attach a couple of webcams and broadcast images over the web

3. weather station data capture and web publisher

4. media box behind the TV

5. experiment with embedded programming (need GERT board).. BTW.. where do we get one?

6. experiment with GPU.. see if I can get it doing maths operations.

7. learn ARM architecture

8. might even have a play with robotics

not saying I need 8 boards for that, as I can probably get it to do more than one thing at once.. but not sure how it will cope with things yet.

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