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Anyone tried or familiar with "Gate One" (web based SSH)?

Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:32 pm


Any one here tried or familiar with "Gate One" ? It is used for web based ssh connection to your pi.

Basically if you install it on your pi and you got a web server running, when you are outside you are home you can ssh in to your pi using your web site address. its kind of embedded terminal.

I was able to install and run it successfully. However my pi is setup for ssh-key based authentication. I dont know how to configure Gate One for my ssh-key file.

Simon Mandy
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Re: Anyone tried or familiar with "Gate One" (web based SSH)

Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:38 pm

Click the magnifying glass icon on the GateOne page. Under the SSH Plugin click Manage Identities. You can either generate or upload a key. I had trouble generating a key using GateOne so I uploaded my own private key. Then check the box next to the identity and that key will be used for the ssh session.

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