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Re: GPGPU on the R-PI.

Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:35 am

I'm 48 - does that count?

You seem to misunderstand the point about the Charity. The Foundation, as a charity who articles state their educational aims, HAVE to primarily aim at education. That's their whole raison d'etre. If they start aiming elsewhere, then they would be in breach of their charitable aims.

It's clear that the hackers and makers and others out there have bought a LOT of Pi's. The money from that runs the foundation and allows them to continue their educational aims. Which is FANTASTIC. But, pushing money in to something like OpenCL would not be a good use of that money with regard to education. Clearly, there may be some educational benefit, but that money would clearly have more educational benefit elsewhere.

I have asked around about OpenCL a lot here at Broadcom and whether it can be used on the Videocore4 for the Raspi. Apparently there are reasons why it's not very easy to do (and that means expensive or impossible). Future Videocore versions may well have OpenCL, but it's unlikely to be available from Broadcom for VC4. I'll keep my eye on it though.

In the meantime, you have access to the Quads and the VPU already (which is all the OpenCL would give you anyway). See the baremetal forum.
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