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I Love Pie

Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:31 pm

Everyday I work on my RPi I am overwhelmed by its capabilities. I managed to get Lazarus (Open Source Pascal Delphi lookalike), running on it. Just a bit slow but I am sure I can tweak it a bit. Otherwise I have MySQL running, done some code in Python to connect MySQL. I am impressed !! Good work Eben and the guys from the RPi Foundation.


Rudie (South-Africa)

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Re: I Love Pie

Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:47 am

This is quite possibly the coolest little thing I've ever seen. The possibilities span far beyond teaching kids to program on their own. While that purpose is awesome in its own right, the sheer number of configurations for this device alone are staggering, much less the possible applications for such technology. Granted, this type of tech is in all of our phones, but to be able to play with it in its most basic state without any sort of restriction is extraordinary. We're living in a post-PC era, and just like the tinker PCs of yesterday, we now have affordable embedded tech to play with while the rest of the world plays with their closed-system devices. This device has the power to not only bring electronics engineering and programming to a wider audience by supplying those interested with something so affordable, but it also has the power to teach GNU/Linux to a much larger crowd and will perhaps cause it to go mainstream. Regardless, I love this thing. Best $35 I ever spent. Heck, I'm using it right now! :D Long Live the Pi!
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