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No more Ethernet errors

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:15 am

Hi All

I just wanted to say that I have 5 days uptime. I thought that I did have an issue with posting to the PVoutput.org but it would appear that I did not make any electricity :oops: which is why there was nowt posted!!!!

I upgraded Rasbian earlier this month and it would appear to "solve" some of the issues I had. No I cant say if it was that, or the "cooler" weather we have ( but the CPU was 20-something degrees C ) or that Venus is in Mercury rising, but I would like to say ...

I think my (Solar) Pi is now working how it was intended. Thanks :)

PS I just ordered my 3rd today. That just says it all really, its plaything 3 for the Nokia display or Tandy LED board or the 3.3v opto coupled-like relays for GPIO. Playtime :)
Pi1 (Nov 2012 loft)= 1KW immersion controller for Solar panel
Pi2 (Jan 2013 living room)=Play thing
Pi3 (Feb 2013 mobile)= Play thing with Tandy Ladder board,breakout board,Nokia display

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