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Re: linux benchmarking application

Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:31 pm


With the Raspberry pi coming soon, i'm looking forward to benchmarking it against my trusty old hacked iconnect (plug computer) and hopefully an allwinner a10 board on its way.  I realise that all three of these use different versions of the arm chip, the trusty little plug has no FPU/GPU and the pi and a10 have different GPU's but i thought in terms of getting a view on headless application performance (eg openvpn, squeezebox server, dlna server) it might be useful.

Also the a10 and pi use persumably (as they are both relatively closed development wise) presumbly (i'm a linux newbie) use the ARM equivalent of opengl.

So i'm looking for suggestions for some kind of benchmarking application for CPU performance (incl and excl FPU as the plug doesnt have one) and some kind of GPU benchmarking application if one exists

Failing this can anyone suggest a real world application best used for a benchmarking result.

Debian friendly if possible as thats my distro of choice



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Re: linux benchmarking application

Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:11 pm

On Linux you'll have a lot of  like sysbench, iozone, etc, etc, Anyway, benchmarking r-pi and all winner A10 with same software is useless. I mean, if you're going to use Debian on rpi and a10, you should recompile software for both platforms.

Cortex has neon simd, and R-pi's ARM has VFP, obviously A10 will be faster (more Mhz and better Floating Point Unit), Debian's standard packages are compatible with all ARM v6, so no FP optimizations.

You can see differences in this bench i made:


So, I suggest recompile benchmark with custom flags for each platform and then run.

About OpenGL, that has nothing to do with ARM implementations. R-Pi's opengl-es is a custom implementation from BroadCom for Videocore 4 GPU. All Winer has a Mali GPU. (Lima project is developing open/free drivers for this). I think you could use any opengl-es benchmark suite here.

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