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Smart Programmable Power Supply HAT For Raspberry Pi

Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:31 pm

About two years ago, we completed a fully functional prototype of an intelligent power supply for raspberry pi.

However, due to lack of time, we have not marketed the product.

As I have not followed developments in the Raspberry pi market for some time, I would like to ask the following question here:

1) Do you think there would be interest among Raspberry Pi users in the intelligent power supply described below?

2) Is there a similar product on the market? Before you respond, please read the description of our power supply features? (the website is in a test version so far, not for business purposes)

Detailed description and specifications can be found here:

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Re: Smart Programmable Power Supply HAT For Raspberry Pi

Sun Dec 27, 2020 5:45 am

From the perspective of someone who uses his RPI as a file+backup server + adblocker, this seems like a useful product. However, it is so expensive (CAD$156) that I would never consider buying it.

Good luck though, seems like a nice little PSU.
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