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Special Card reader For the GPIO

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:06 pm
by GodofMischief
Hello, i'm stuck with a project for the R-pi using the GPIO.
So here's the idea: im a big fan of the Megaman battle network series and im planning to reproduce the battlechip reader to finally build a "working" PET.

I've got with the idea to make it work with the gpio.The card reader will work only as a code reader where 10 pins on a pcb card are in contact with 10 pin of the gpio.On this, 9 pin are used to generate a "code" and the 10th used to supply a small amount of current.

Now the question is: what do i will need to make such add-on, do i need some resistors and such to prevent my R-pi to grilled?

thanks for the help :D

Device: ... 1,s:0,i:91

Battlechip to "read": ... ,s:0,i:110

Re: Special Card reader For the GPIO

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:28 am
by Tails0630
Well, looks like anybody response your question but i have the same.

I know that every Megaman/Rockman Battle Chip has a Card Value for example this chip:

it's an energy bomb chip with an ID: 30

So i really want to make a chip entrance that give me the value which is 30 (the ID) and then when the Rasperry pi reads the number 30 makes an action and show me a photo or video of an Energy Bomb. With this Action it makes that in the Game or App read the action like a Button Called "30" and throw an Energy Bomb in gaming or spot a mensage that says: You are using [Name of the chip] and a photo [ the chip] and some analytics of the chip [like power, a tag and what affects].

Note: I don't want to make a reader who give me all the information of a chip. Because the information that will be dropped is on the storage, the only fuction of the BattleChip is show the info of that chip, The information that will be showed is writted previously by me.

So the only thing that don't permit to do it is this:

How to know what volt has?

What is the fuction of al the 11 pins of the chip and where to connect on the Raspberry Pi?

How to create more chips with New Values?

Please Response US!!!! :| :|