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Raspbian overlayfs issue

Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:02 pm

Good evening,

I have been testing the now built in overlayfs in Raspbian for a few months. When enabling the root file system I have also been making the boot partition write protected when prompted within raspi-config.

I've just power cycled a pi (3B+) that had been running for 55 days. The pi now won't boot and both the sd card and a usb drive I had plugged into the back of it are now damaged.

When connected it to a screen the pi will boot past the recovery screen but immediately after this, will display a dark blue screen and go no future. At this point the green LED on the pi stops flashing as well.

The SD card and the USB drive could be reformatted so they're not completely broken but they are of no use until then. I'm going to look into the power supply to see if that could have causes any issues but I would have thought a power surge would have damaged them both for good.

Could anyone suggest what could have happened here? Or suggest anywhere I could look to find any further information?

It was my understanding that the overlayfs now built into Raspbian would do away with these sorts of issues. My point being, the OS should be able to handle power cycles in 'read only' mode, shoudn't it?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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