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Makecode Arcade and Raspberry Pi......3??

Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:19 pm

Basically, I want to make a cardboard panel arcade following this tutorial: ... trol-panel

I own a raspberry pi 3 not a Pi Zero. Does it matter? Will it still work, can I load the Makecode arcade games on to the Raspberry Pi 3 or does it have to be the Zero?

Any input please would be greatly appreciated!

I am a newbie at all this and this is my hobby project, giving myself a year to do this and learn from the experience. Want to source all the right tools for the job.


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Re: Makecode Arcade and Raspberry Pi......3??

Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:19 am

Anyone know?

Wanting to start the project would be good to know if it can be done with my raspberry pi 3?


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Re: Makecode Arcade and Raspberry Pi......3??

Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:49 am

What you can do is follow the links for downloading the firmware from Adafruit mintioned in the article. You end up at ->
Where it states (emphasis mine):
UF2 Flashing for Linux
This repo contains scripts and patches to build a sample Linux image based on piCore for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The image is meant to boot very quickly (currently at around 7s), and expose a USB mass storage device (pen drive), which can be used to program a Raspberry Pi Zero with UF2 files, usually generated from Microsoft MakeCode and in particular from MakeCode Arcade.

The image was tested on a Raspberry Pi Zero Rev 1.3 and Zero W Rev 1.3. It could theoretically work on the original Pi A/A+, but wasn't tested. Other models lack the OTG ID pin, and thus cannot be used in USB device mode.
So the RPi3 cannot be used with the Makecode software indicated (at least in USB mode. Maybe it will work as a game without this feature on RPI3 - I don't know. maybe download and test it before building?)
That doesn't mean the RPi3 could not be used with this cardboard arcade controller - You just need to use games that can recognise the buttons and switches through the GPIO pins.
A quick Google search lead me to this example -> ... stick_rpi/
So maybe you could use Retropie with this Arcade controller on a RPi3, just not MakeCode?

(Disclaimer - I'm not really familiar with this controller stuff myself, but hope the above gives you some ideas of where to look for further info)
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