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Pi Facial Recognition

Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:52 pm

Hey all!

So I'm thinking about working with some friends on a project aimed at solving the issue of human trafficking by using facial recognition technology. This is more of a research project than anything, but I wanted some feedback on the overall setup I have laid out in my head of how I would accomplish this.

My idea: Use a small camera which is embedded in a pair of glasses, connected to a RPi Zero W on the side, running off battery power. Obviously, the PiZero cannot run the facial recognition software and it will get horrible FPS. My idea is to have the Pi wirelessly transmit the live feed to my iPhone via an app we create. The reason is to increase FPS to 30+ and hopefully run some kind of facial recognition software.

My concerns: using the onboard BT is probably not viable, considering it's BLE. Perhaps somehow use Wi-Fi instead, in the same way a GoPro creates its own signal to connect to an iPhone.

The bottom line: is it possible to have a third party device (the iPhone in this case) process video in real-time to circumvent low FPS of the RPi Zero?

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Re: Pi Facial Recognition

Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:41 am

Traditionally "facial recognition" means a program which can detect a face from a picture. Do you mean this, that you want to count how many faces there are or when a face is in the picture? Because if you mean to detect individual faces particular to one specific person, this is more difficult, although doable, and might be illegal in many ways. For example, where I live you cannot keep "registers" of people (databanks) of any kind without permission, and having photos of their faces in a a databank connecting them to a specific identity would most likely require an official permit.

The radio on Raspberry pi can do both bluetooth "classic" and BLE. these are two distinct technologies and work in very different ways. however, you will not get enough bandwidth on bluetooth to send video (at least not any HD kind)

I don't understand the point about the FPS, why you need a specifc number and why you think pi cannot do it

you cannot by definition do anything in real time by sending it to another device as there will be latency do to the laws of physics. But you can stream the video from a camera wirelessly and there are numerous examples on the internet about doing that on a pi

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Re: Pi Facial Recognition

Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:13 am


Why the need to spam the forum with duplicate posts: ... 0#p1535660 ?

Are you intending to spy on and catalog everybody so as to solve the problem? I'm sure there are legal issues with such a plan. Personally I find all this snooping we are subject to today immoral.

Given the nature of your question I suggest shortening you user name to just "Alex".
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