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Alexa in Raspberry pi and to control simple GPIO devices

Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:06 am

I have installed Alexa on Raspberry pi using this guide: ... ry-pi.html

At the end in the Advance tutorial, there was regarding indicating device state with LEDs. I have completed that.

Now I want to control Multiple LEDs with GPIO pins of Raspberry pi 3 using Alexa. Like :

When I say to Alexa "Alexa, Turn the RED LED on" It should turn the RED LED on and off. And If I have connected an RFID reader to raspberry pi I want it to be controlled by Alexa. If I placed an RFID card on it, It will identify it and then turn LEDs according to the data in it.

Till now I have seen that the codes in this Prototype sample App to run full Alexa on raspberry pi 3 written in C. And I want to use Python for coding and creating the above example where can I find the Tutorials and Guides regarding python-based Alexa create control and implementing above Example?

I have created a skill by following this demo: ... ... ld-classes

But in the end, I saw that I cannot use this created skill in my device until I publish it and get it to certify.

But I don't want it to publish I want to use it for personal and test it by changing in code. So is there a way to do it?

I want to create simple skills that will control LEDs connected to the raspberry pi through Alexa. Every time I create a new skill I don't want to publish and get it to certify.

If anyone has any idea regarding it Please Help. :!:

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