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Raspberry Pi 4 (Kodi+Serviio) as an alternative to HTPC

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:37 pm
by bat0nas
I am planning this setup:

Network (LAN cable) -> Raspberry Pi 4 with USB attached 3.5" HDD -> Receiver via HDMI -> TV
All media and movies - in USB HDD

A cheap alternative to my noisy and not efficient HTPC.

Raspberry would run in parallel:
- Serviio: to serve movies via DLNA to other TV.
- Kodi: to play movies locally via HDMI to Receiver and TV.

Expected data bandwidth: 2x 35Mb/s FHD AVC (one via Serviio and another - local Kodi playback) = 70Mb/s total read from USB. 4K just occasional.

70Mb/s shouldn't be a problem for HDD or USB. Both can handle well above 100MB/s. But what about OS, CPU and general performance?

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 (Kodi+Serviio) as an alternative to HTPC

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:44 pm
by topguy
- OS has normally minimal practical impact on performance.
- Would still recommend using Raspbian.
- Might have to wait a little bit until Kodi has iron all wrinkles with Raspbian Buster and new Pi4.

- Unless you need to transcode videos for the other TV, I dont see much CPU usage happening either.

I see that Servilo is a Java application so you dont have the normal x86 vs. ARM CPU problem but there might still be smaller pitfalls for installation.
Was your previous HTPC Linux or Windows ?

Slightly old guide.. ... spberry-pi

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 (Kodi+Serviio) as an alternative to HTPC

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:39 am
by bat0nas
Thanks for quick answer. Of course I'm aware that Raspbian or LibreELEC or any other OS will need time for ironing.

I'm not planning any transcode with Serviio (I'm not even sure it can do that as Plex does). None of the transcoding is happening in my case at the moment.

I tested Serviio on Linux on a VirtualBox installation. App works.

Yes my current HTPC (regular PC) runs on Windows. And there are no problems doing all in parallel (downloading files from internet at 300Mbps; watching Full HD movie on a remote TV via Serviio DLNA; watching BR quality movie with Kodi).

Thanks for the guide.
Decision is made - I will order 4GB version to be on a safe side.