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Steep learning curve for me

Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:15 pm

Hi all.
I have only recently "found" Rasbery Pi and I'm hooked.
My head is melted with all the information available here and it's fantastic.
I am way out of my depth and loving it.
I have read so much about all sorts of projects and have found some thing that appeals to me. Seti@home.
Now, i have an hp laptop is that I have running flat out doing work for Seti@home. However I would really like to build a rasberry cluster out of pi 4s, maybe 5 or 6 and add to as funds dictated.
At this point I would add that I am very interested in what goes on "under the hood" so I would like to be able to monitor things like heat, power consumption, memory read write rates etc etc etc.
I have been reading lots on here and around the Web.
I was made redundant just before Christmas so hardware will have to wait for now but I'm building knowledge so may ask some silly question's.
Thaks in advance
Simon 001

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Re: Steep learning curve for me

Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:01 pm

There are 4 cores, so you'll need Seti@home optimised for the Arm A72 processor.
I doubt there will be anything the VC6 'gpu' can do for you.

Temperature can be measured, some voltages measured.
You'll want some fans to blow over them to keep them cool.
I do not know if 1GB will be enough or if 2/4 will be better.

Monitor Watts for power usage externally before it enters the Pi, that's the only method.
as for other measurements, you'll get whatever linux/debian can provide.

You may want to ditch Raspbian OS, the official one and look for a 64bit OS version that is optimised for the Pi4, if one exists or at least a 64bit version.

It's a long time since I did Seti@home and moved to other projects.

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