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Nintendo Switch Charger With RPi4

Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:45 pm

Hello, I have a raspberry pi 4 on the way and was wondering if I could use a NIntendo switch charger to power my pi. The reason is that it is way over powered I belive it 30 watts or so and the pi needs 15. Is this bad for it or will it work fine. Thanks

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Re: Nintendo Switch Charger With RPi4

Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:21 am

What you want in a power-supply is fairly straight forward. First of all, you want a good quality one. Not a grade-b Chinesium dollar store job, but a proper one. The connector should, of course, match the power input of your PI. For the RPi4 this would be a type USB-C.

Secondly you want the correct input voltage. For the PI this is 5(.x) volts.

For amperage, you just need to meet the minimum requirement. The RPi4 is specced for 3 amps. If your PSU is able to deliver more than that, that is okay.

A quick search shows that the switch adapter gets its max wattage from it's voltage range 5 to 15 and provides only 2.4 amps. This would mean that at 5v, it would not provide enough power in some scenarios.

I suggest to get a new PSU suitable for the unit.

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