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Pm SDS011

Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:22 pm

Hi all

Hopefully someone can help I’ve got very little experience in using the software however I’m wanting to connect a pm SDS011 to a raspberry pi, I’ve been able to download code to run the sensor and view the results via a web link, I would like to run the sensor and record the results which could be displayed as a graph at time intervals of 1s

Also another recruitment would be to see live data on a small lcd display ( I know big ask when I don’t know much about programming) the sensor is for a project I’m working on so would be a massive help.

Link to sensor ... ASHEET.pdf

Any help much appreciated


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Re: Pm SDS011

Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:47 am

I have just finished building something very similar.
I use a DHT22 sensor for measuring temperature and humidity, and an SDS011 for PM2.5 and PM10 levels. A MariaDB table holds the historical values which can be displayed using a Grafana web front-end and a 2x16 LCD display with an I2C backpack shows the current values. Cron is used to run the measurement script every five minutes.

Most of the code can be found at, and the database table can be created using:

Code: Select all

USE dust;
CREATE TABLE `airquality` (
  ts timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp(),
  temperature float DEFAULT NULL,
  humidity float DEFAULT NULL,
  u10 float DEFAULT NULL,
  u25 float DEFAULT NULL

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