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3G/1G Kernel building problem

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:46 pm
by Derik99
Hello i tried to make a 3G/1G kernel, but after building and installing the kernel, I couldn't use my pi anymore because I wasn't able to use any input like mouse, keyboard and ethernet! :cry:

Basically what i do:
- following these instructions (the "Local building" part): ... until the point
where I make the "bcm2709_defconfig"
- then I comment out "# VMSPLIT_2G=y" and add "VMSPLIT_3G=y" in the .config
- then I build and install the kernel i.e. follw the rest of the instructions

PROBLEM! When I afterwards boot the system I get this message:

1.615455] irq 33: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
1.615455] handlers:
1.615455] [<(ptrval)>] dwc_otg_common_irq
1.615455] [<(ptrval)>] dwc_otg_pcd
1.615455] [<(ptrval)>] usb_hcd_irq
1.615455] Disabling IRQ #33

Because of that I'm not able to use mouse, keyboard and ethernet anymore (Also the accordant lights aren't on!)

Of course I can just copy a fresh Raspbian image on my SD and everything works fine again but my target is more to make this work!
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how to prevent or fix this error ? :?: :idea:

Thanks for your help! :D