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Dragino LoRa GPS HAT

Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:42 am


I have just installed a Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT and followed the instructions on their website for GPS for setting up /dev/ttyS0. ... _3_Model_B

It works mostly, but I am very surprised at the amount of mis detected characters. I would say about 30% of all GPS statements are unreadable, perhaps more.

I was using a U-blox7 USB GPS previously and never had a problem.

I have downloaded the device tree and put the following in to /boot/config.txt


I was not sure about the force_turbo = 1, so I tried it without first of all. It seems to make no difference.

I see that the website was last updated 2 years ago. Does anyone know if these instructions are still valid? Anyone have success with this HAT?

I have just started to use the LoRa side and it mostly (again) seems OK. I am using hackrf_transfer to replay the sender messages. This seems OK but if I leave it the HAT on receive and it picks a some random noise which it decodes with multiple garbled characters, from then on it will not decode any messages successfully from the hackrf_transfer. This could be a bug in their sender / rec code but I have not looked at this yet.

Ta, Andy.

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