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Reading Infra-red reflective paint?

Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:16 pm

I have an idea for how to tell if a disc is turning via a Raspberry Pi. I figured if I paint the disc sections with infra-red reflective paint, and as the disc turns I can count the number of the times an infra-red receiver senses the painted sections pass in front of the sensor. Has anyone tried something like this before? The environment is in shadow, and gets no direct sunlight or any significant direct light source, so I don't have to worry about ambient infra-red swamping the sensor. In theory this should work no?

Transmitter via IR LED...
IR LED 5mm (940nm) - TSAL6200

Receiver via IR Receiver....
IR Receiver Module (3.3V type) - TSOP38238

The paint would be something like this... ... 6933&psc=1

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