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Re: Introduce yourself!

Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:51 pm


I'm Arpie from sunny south London, and I'm known as Arpie both online and in the real world. I work in IT for a proprietory software company and am looking to start growing beyond a support/user role into development and the Raspberry Pi is my first step. Excited for all the posibilities the Pi offfers for projects and interesting applications all at a nice price that means I'm not too scared of bricking the machine.

I've been very impressed by the warm and helpful community the Pi seems to have building up around it nice to see so many people help ease in those who may be a bit intimidated by programming (me included!)

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:57 pm

Hi, I'm Caleb, an EE student from the US.

I enjoy programming, though not to the same extent as some of the people here :lol: I'm interested in interfacing software with hardware, right now I'm working on some sort of autonomous buggy robot!

Oh, and I love this forum... lots of strong support for this platform :D

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:12 pm

Hi, my is Nestor and I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Started with a Commodore 64 when they first came out, moved on to an Amiga when it came out and in 1994 got my first PC. Bought a Mac a month ago and now I'm going to spend time with the raspberry PI. Dabbled in assembler, visual basic and visual C++? Job burnt me out in late 2001 and I totally gave up programming at that time. Retired in 2006 and now just read, read and read some more; maybe I'll get back into programming.

I know absolutely nothing about Linux.

My Pi arrived on Tuesday had it up and running in less than 5 minutes. Couldn't connect to the Internet for hours Tuesday and a few more hours yesterday. I tried this and that, reading stuff here and at other sites .... gave up to give my head a rest..... today :shock: ....DUH.... :shock: I realized I forgot to plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the router when I ran a cable into the dining room months ago !!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:15 am

Hi, I'm Micah. I'm a programmer of a variety of languages and a pretty big GNU/Linux nerd, free software advocate, and I'm interested in computer security. However, I know very little about electronics.

I just bought a Raspberry Pi and I'm really excited, and already have a couple projects in mind.

Like, I want to figure out how to create an SD card image of Raspbian using full disk encryption, except where each user actually has different crypto keys. I also want to make a freedom box type image, with software like Diaspora, Cryptocat, MediaWiki, IRC server, jabber server, wiki, etc. pre-installed and configurable from a web interface. Also, I have a big neon dollar sign that I'd like to control with my raspi via input from the internet. Most of this stuff I don't really know how to do yet, so I'm excited to learn!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:07 pm

I'm Helio from Portugal.
I hope this Raspberry Pi can give me the same emotion that I had with an ZX Spectrum in 1982! :D

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:22 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan. A little bit about me; I am a father of two, a U.S. Navy veteran and a software engineering student. I'm a long time Linux user (although I'd hazard a guess not as long as some people on the boards here). I learned about the Raspberry Pi about a year ago when I first got into Android hacking. At the time it seemed that if my cell phone with a 700MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and a modest GPU could be so versatile, the only thing lacking was an HDMI output (which my phone did not have) and I would have a tiny powerful Mediacenter to plug in to any HD TV. A little Googling turned up the RPi, and I was astonished that it's intended retail price was only $35 US. But once it launched they were never in stock so I kind of forgot about it, but then out of the blue a friend of mine gifted me with one as an early EARLY birthday present (my birthday is in December).
I've had my Pi for about a week now and I love tinkering with it. Occasionally I get frustrated with it when something doesn't work that by all rights should (like SSH, NFS mounts, SMB/CIFS mounts and WiFi to name a few) but it's fun! It reminds me of the spirit of discovery with which I first encountered Linux years back.
Looking forward to when the Android builds gain hardware accelerated graphics!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:47 pm

Hi there!
I'm Ryan,
I'm a 16 Year old student and have recently finished my A levels.

I have done two Raspberry Pi related projects and they are:
  • RasPiThon
I have one Raspberry Pi and have another one on order. At the moment I am working on being able to run a minecraft server on the Pi.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:48 am

Hello all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with this project. It has been very inspirational. I bought mine with the thought that I wanted to support the cause and that I may get a cheap media player for the back room. Its been so much more! With the lead up to getting it actually in my hands, I watched tons of videos about what others were thinking about it and its capabilities. The more I watched the more I got excited and motivated. I just got mine a few weeks ago and its been great, installed Raspbian and Rasbmc successfully. I can't wait for the android port. It really has made learning fun. Its awesome to see how many people out there have put in time and energy to make this project happen and the cool uses people come up with. Thanks so much!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:12 am


I'm Nilo Menezes, a Brazilian living in Belgium. I started programming when I was 8, on a Brazilian Sinclair ZX-81 Clone (TK85). I'm 36 and I have three kids. As a computer science professional, I think the 8 bit computer experience was a key point deciding what I enjoyed to do and what I would do for the rest of my life. As kids learn maths and physics, I believe they have to be introduced to computer programming, at least basic skill level, as done with other disciplines. I also believe in the Program or be Programmed motto of Douglas Rushkoff.

I remember my father unpacking the machine, plugging it to an very old B&W TV... trying to write his name and passing the manual to me. After that I was free to explore and discover computing by myself and with friends.

My project with the Raspberry Pi is to create a special environment where kids can experiment programming and games like we did on 8 bits computers some time ago. They are going to use Python and PyGame to write programs using the console and running them on the framebuffer.

So far, I tweaked Raspbian a bit to be a console based programming machine. As X still too slow, I configured a small environment to set a bigger font and to set vim and ipython as the programming platform. It now starts with an open ipython console at tty6... ready to use... no login required.

I know it is a hard task to restore the enthusiasm with computers, as we did have in Atari era... but the Raspberry Pi worths a try!

Best Regards,

Nilo Menezes

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:36 pm


I started in the computing business in the 1960's and have worked with plug wired machines, 2nd and 3rd generation computers that may now be called mainframes, minicomputers, and now servers.

The Raspberry Pi is fantastic.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi, I'm a computer geek since my TRS-80 Model III (when it was new), and into electronics before that. Yes, I got into electronics at 7 years old. Other than being a tinkerer with things automotive, electronic and mechanical, I develop automotive instrumentation for a living. In more recent times, I've mentored a high-school robotics club, and ran my own robotics club. Some of our projects are here... .

Just got my R.Pi and only booted it up so far. I'll get further when I get around to picking up a USB keyboard, but my primary direction/intention would be to interface it via the GPIO/I2C/SPI to other electronics.


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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:57 pm

Hello people!

I'm from Portugal!
I'm a kind of a crazy person! Some guys call me a g33k! Others call other things...

I use Slackware on x86!
Going to use ArmSlack on Rapsberry pi!

Peace \o/
Amor de Slackware
Portugal 2007

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:11 pm

Oh I've never been so much interested in a project such as the Raspberry Pi - I hope to get as much knowledge and feedback before I start my journey- but why not start with a intro by just saying HI

thank for the FORUM
the last thing you just read in HERE

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:25 am

Hello everyone!

I'm from Belgium - still waiting for my PasPi to arrive... :|

I intend to use Raspbian since I'm not that familiar with Linux.
Lucky for me I do have a programming job, so I'll turn out fine I guess :P


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Re: Introduce yourself!

Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:36 pm

Hi! I'm from Brazil

Just received my PI, installed berryboot
and then OpenELEC and RaspRazor!

I will use it for media center but I'm planning to buy a lapdock and make my PI a notebook too!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:05 pm

Hey all,

I'm from Hampshire in the UK.

I am currently an Open University student studying a degree in Computing so I hope to really try applying my knowledge and skills to the Pi.

My main aims are to learn to code in ASM, learn Linux properly and make friends with like-minded people along the way.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:51 am

Hello everyone,

Just joined up after seeing my friend connect and have a quick play with his Raspberry Pi and I have to say I was impressed

I've ordered my own and i'm hoping o understand more basics to computing, learn a bit of programming and just generally enjoy it, not like it's expensive.

Can't wait for it to be delivered :D

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:54 am

Hi, I am Alessio and I am interested in augmented reality, programming, wearable computers and, in general, stunning new technologies.

I'm getting started with some augmented reality experiments with Raspberry-Pi and depth cameras (i.e. Microsoft Kinect, Xtion, etc.)!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:53 pm

Hello All

I am new, just got my Raspberry Pi in the mail a couple of days ago. I live in Alice Springs, smack in the middle of Australia, and have been a linux user since loading my first slackware distribution from a shoebox full of floppy disks in the early 90s. I have no specific project in mind yet, just figuring out possibilities right now. Any other Raspberry Pi users in Alice Springs?

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:00 pm

Hi, Im Wes
I wanted to find more information about how to run a raspberry pi off of batteries 24/7 and have a charge system for it as well. Solar, Wind, Hydro, other?

So far I am using a Cat Battery with a HobbyKing UBEC for power.
Click here for a picture

I'm sure I'll find lots of great info around here :)

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:50 pm

Hello everyone :)
My name is Martin and I'm from Poland :) I bought my Rpi two days ago today came my 16 C10 SD card. Also today I bought USB hub active ofc :). Also today i made a custom case which I show in correct place on forum. Case is made of box for ear sticks :) Each hole was cut with knife. At the head of the case is 80x80 led fan which almost covers the whole PCB of Raspi :) i think it would be cold :D Raspi will server cups , apache, mysql, tor , squid and custom bash scripts. OFC XBMC,samba serv also. lightm stopped :) I would like to say hello to all happy Raspi owners :D

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:42 am

I'm Brett from New Zealand. My rPi is in the post but I have a Pi Cobbler Ki now, so my excited is well on.

I program in a few languages and I like my Arduinos. I am also a visual artist (sculpture, painting, multimedia) I think the rPi will fill a few gaps in my work that the arduino can't get up to speed with.
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Introduce yourself!

Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:04 am

HI, very honored to come here

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:55 pm

Hi Everybody!
I'm from London.
I just got myself a Raspberry Pi, have tried a few things and I'm loving it :)
So many little time!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:28 pm


My first name is Bendegúz and I'm from (surprise!) Hungary, Eger. I'm 15 years old, and I will start the first class of secondary school (also called Class 9 in Hungary) in September.
I have never tried out Linux (if I don't count emulated ones), so I'm really excited to finally get a RasPi.

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