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SSH logout problem

Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:03 pm

I have a Zero 1.3 with Retropie 4.3, the other day I installed some games through the command console and when I try to open/close some of them (Some won't pass the classic black screen, others don't close properly) and I want to reopen Emulationstation, my only option is to use SSH (Trough Android). The real problem is:
When I type "logout" (or "logoff", it really doesn't matter, I always try both cause I can't remember the correct)or I press "disconnect"
In the app, a black screen show up, the game I'm playing or the menu I'm on doesn't matter. It can be solve disconnecting the Wifi option on my smarthphone, but it's annoying, ¿Is there another solution?

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Re: SSH logout problem

Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:43 am

I do not like games. So I do not know retropie or emulationstation.

But I will give you a couple of advices:

1) If you want to finish your ssh session, type Ctrl-d or the command exit.

2) The games use the graphical user interface (GUI). But Linux provides 6 tty text consoles too. If you have a keyboard connected to your RPI, you can switch to tty #1 typing

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Alt + Ctrl + F1                 #F1 - F6 will switch to TTY #n
You will return to gui typing

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Alt + Ctrl + F7

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