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Pi as bluetooth speaker.

Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:44 pm

I want to set up a pi as a car radio. I want to be able to play CD's, music from usb sticks and I want it to act as a bluetooth speaker.

I only want to ask what is the best way to achief this. I have already found tutorials but there are more than 1 way to achief succes.

As far as I know I can use, the internal bluetooth module, I can use a bluetooth usb dongle or I can buy a usb dongle with an AUX plug. I am not yet sure but I think I am also going to need an ampliphier.

I understand that the built in audio hardware does not provide the best quality. So I can purchase an external USB audio driver with a speaker and mic output/input or use an ampliphier shield.

Lets say I am going to use a HiFi shield and a Pi3, what bluetooth module should I use? Internal, USB or AUX?

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